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Parents FAQ


Does my child have any performance chances?

Dolce hold two student concerts each year at venues including the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. We always encourage our students to take advantage of opportunities to perform in a range of different occasions including student concerts, exams and competitions. Our goal is for the students to build up their confidence and self- esteem by performing in these events. You may click the following for our Student Concerts Galleries and Youtube channel for the video performances.

What qualifications do Dolce tutors hold?

Dolce tutors are well trained professional musicians. All our tutors hold either a music degree, diploma of education degree or a minimum of diploma practical level on the music instrument. For your peace of mind all our tutors have a current Working With Children Check in which a legal requirement from the NSW Office of the Children Guardian. You may click the following for our tutors' biographies.

What is beneficial from learning music?

Music can teach us lots of useful skills - social skills, working with other musicians, individual discipline and study, and the ability to self-motivate. A high degree of patience and a balance of short and long term strategies (particularly lacking in today's 'instant' culture) are required to achieve well. Students must grow and mature in initiative, courage, communication and perseverance - these are 'life skills'. Indeed, it is interesting to note that music graduates applying for jobs outside the music profession have a high success rate at interviews - many employers recognise that musicians have relatively high standards of achievement and discipline, as well as the ability to see a long-haul task through to the end. If you or your child is interested, Contact Us to arrange your trial lesson.

Does my child need an instrument before commencing music lessons?

The first few lessons are fundamental music theory and the student will be able to done it without the instrument. Though Dolce strongly encourage our students to have an instrument at home for music practices in the long run. Student can also purchase musical instruments through Dolce so you may prepare the appropriate musical instrument for your child e.g. Violin size and Piano brands.

How much should my child practice?

Teachers in Dolce School of Music encourage our beginner students to practice 20 minutes everyday. In Dolce School of Music, our teaching methodology is different to traditional teaching methods, in which the students become positive about practicing and striving to do better. The performances, activities, and games that we use in the music lessons can stimulate the student’s musical creativity. Hence we are proud to say that most of the students in Dolce School of Music have the passion in music and willingness to practice.

What is the best age to start learning music?

In Dolce School of Music, some of our students started the piano or violin lessons from four years old. If your child is well coordinated and has good levels of concentration then they will be able to cope with music studies whilst at a young age. We also have different aids and props including singing, drawing, writing, and playing that can assist your child in understanding music notations.

What are the protective measures against COVID?

Conditions of entry: - Check in using the COVID safe check-in QR code - Student who are 12 and above need to provided the fully vaccinated certificate. - Student who are under 12, need to provided the fully vaccinated certificate for all other members in the same household. - All teachers and students need to wear face masks in the studio. - Hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes are provided in the studio. - Parents are temporarily not allowed to sit in to minimise the number of people in the studio.

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