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Fighting Stances

Natural Natural Defensive High Guard Long Guard Shoulder Roll

Blocking & Defensive Techniques

Arm shield Body Block X-Block 3-Point Block Check Parry Shoulder Roll Slip Duck n weave Head Movement Technical Stand-up Feint

Striking Techniques

Jab Cross Hook Overhand Uppercut Back Fist Palm Strike Hammer Fist Elbow Uppercut Elbow Spike Elbow Headbut Shoulder Strike Knee Side Knee Oblique Kick Inside Leg Kick Outside Leg Kick Roundhouse Kick Head Kick Side Kick Turning Side Kick Wheel Kick Question Mark Kick Front Kick Calf Kick Stomp Up Kick Soccer Kick

Footwork Pivot Step Slide Step Yoko Aruki Step Switch Step Angle Step

Clinches & Gripping Techniques

Gi Grips 50/50 Thai Clinch Two on One Collar Tie Over/Under Double Under Wizzer Underhook Overhook Body Lock Figure 4 Grip Breaks Snapdown

Throwing & Takedown Techniques

Hip Throw - Inside Leg Hook (Uchi Mata) Hip Throw (O-Goshi) Hip Throw - Outside Leg Hook (Harai Goshi) Hip Throw - Outside Leg Trip (Tai Otoshi) Hip Throw - Head (Koshi Guruma) Hip Throw Counter (Yoko Guruma) Arm Throw (Seoe Nage) Arm Throw Drop (Drop Seoe Nage) Arm Throw Sideways Drop (Kata Guruma) Arm Throw - Spiral (Ude Gaeshi) Arm Throw - Sacrafice (Uchi Makikomi) Reap Throw - Outside Left (Osoto Gari) Reap Throw - Inside Left (Kouchi Gari) Reap Throw - Inside Right (Ouchi Gari) Reap Throw - Outside Right (Kosoto Gari) Foot Trip Sweep (De Ashi Barai) Foot Trip Block (Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi) Backwards Sacrafice - Back Grab (Hikikomi Gaeshi) Backwards Sacrafice - Foot on Chest (Tomoe Nage) Backwards Sacrafice - Foot on Hip (Yoko Tomoe Nage) Backwards Sacrafice - Instep Hook on Thigh (Sumi Gaeshi) Backwards Sacrafice - Overtop Body Lock Slam (Tawara Gaeshi) Double Leg Takedown (Morote-Gari) Single Leg Takedown (Kuchiki Taoshi) Ankle Pick (Kibisu Gaeshi) Body Lock - Leg Drop (Tani Otoshi) Body Lock - Lift Slam (Ushiro Goshi) Body Lock - Backwards Slam (Ura Nage) Body Lock - Turtle Counter (Daki Wakare) Closed Guard - Lift Slam (Dake Age) Side Sacrafice - Dump Throw (Sukui Nage) Side Sacrafice - Leg Drop (Yoko Otoshi) Side Sacrafice - Leg Scissor (Kani Basami)

Ground Position Techniques

Back Mount Top Mount Side Mount (Yoko Shiho Gatame) Scarf Hold (Kesa Gatame) Knee on Belly Half Guard Butterfly Guard North South (Kami Shiho Gatame) X-Guard (Ashi Garami) Open Guard

Ground Sweeping & Reversal Techniques

Leg Scissor Sweep (Kani Basami) Hip Bump Sweep Half Guard Sweep Sumi Gaeshi Underscoop Sweep Full Mount Sweep Back Take

Ground Passing Techniques

Leg Weave Pass Knee Cut Pass Over-under pass Leg Crossing Pass Leg Drag Pass Body Lock Pass Closed Guard Break

Escapes from Locks & Holds

Wrist Grab Escape Two Handed Choke Escape Grounded Punch Escape Bear Hug Escape Full Nelson Escape Back Mount Escape Full Mount Escape Side Mount Escape Standing Rear Choke Escape Standing Front Headlock Escape Standing Side Headlock Escape Ground Rear Choke Escape Arm Lock Escape Leg Triangle Choke Escape Knee on Belly Escape North South Escape Kesa Gatame Escape Shoulder Lock Escape Ankle Lock Escape Knee Lock Escape

Choking Techniques

Head and Arm Triangle - Top Mount (Kata Gatame) Cross Collar Choke -Top Mount (Nami Juji Jime) Cross Collar Choke - Back Mount (Nami Juji Jime) Tracea Choke - Back Mount (Hadaka Jime) Rear Naked Choke - Back Mount (Hadaka Jime) Cross Collar Choke - Back Mount (Okuri Eri Jime) Sleeve Choke (Sode Guruma Jime) Leg Triangle Choke (Sankaku Jime) Turning Cross Collar Choke - Bottom (Morote Jime) Turning Cross Collar Choke - Top (Morote Jime) Front Headlock Choke - Shoulder to Arm Pit (Kata Gatame) Front Headlock Choke - Arm Pit to Shoulder (Kata Gatame) Front Headlock Choke (Mae Hadaka Jime) Collar and Leg Choke - Back Side Mount (Okuri Eri Jime)

Joint Lock Techniques

Finger Lock (Yubi Kudaki) Wrist Lock - Outside Twist (Omote Gyaku) Wrist Lock - Inside Twist (Ura Gyuaku) Wrist Lock - Middle Twist (Hon Gyaku) Wrist Lock - Wrist Fold (Take Ori) Arm Lock - With Arms (Ude Gatame) Arm Lock - With Legs (Juji Gatame) Arm Lock - Standing (Waki Gatame) Shoulder Lock - Arm Up (Ude Garami) Shoulder Lock - Arm Down (Gyuaku Ude Garami) Shoulder Lock - With Legs (Ashi Sankaku Garami) Ankle Lock (Ashi Hishigi) Toe Hold Lock (Ashi Dori Garami) Heel Lock (Kakato Garami) Knee Lock (Hiza Juji Gatame) Groin Lock Calf Compression Lock Arm Compression Lock

Pain Compliance Techniques

Hair Temple Eyes Behind Ear Ear Drum Cheek Bone Nasal Base Jawline Chin Throat Neck Clavical Solar Plexus Inner Bicep Tricep Inner Elbow Radial Nerve Thumb Webbing Liver Kidney Groin Outer Thigh Inner Thigh Calf Achillies

Primal Movement Techniques

Spider Crawl Bear Walk Crab Walk Butt Scoot Scorpion Shrimp Forward Shrimp Monkey Walk Monkey Cartwheel Standing Cartwheel Alligator Walk Giraffe Walk A-Frame Walk Out Frog Leap Warrior Walk Duck Walk

Rolling & Breakfalling Techniques

Forward Roll Side Roll Back Roll Inversion Roll Dive Roll Forward Roll Breakfall Backwards Breakfall Sideways Break Fall Technical Stand-up Handstand to Forward Roll Backward Roll to Hand Stand & Stand Up Sprawl

Fight IQ

Reaction, Timing & Anticipation Body Language Verbal Communication & De-esculation Tactics Vantage and Exit Points Multiple Attacker Situations Street vs Sport Fighting Pressure Testing Techniques Psychological Control Philosophy Submission vs Breaking Techniques Legal Considerations Visualisation Feints & Baiting Distance Management Controlling Energy Levels Mind, Body, Spirit

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