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Piano and Violin Background
Teacher Joshua Cheng's Profile Picture

Crystal Cheng

Piano Tutor

Master of Arts in Music Therapy, University of Technology, Australia
Bachelor or Arts (Music with Honours), Hong Kong Baptist University
Piano ATCL, Trinity College London, London

Crystal is a friendly and patient teacher. She is passionate in sharing the joy in
music and striving to meet students’ personal musical goals. Crystal’s expertise in piano studies allows her students to enjoy and engage in both group and one on one music lessons.

Completed the Master of Arts in Music Therapy, Crystal is well trained in conducting music lessons to children with special needs. Over the years, Crystal studied various music methodologies including the Kodaly method, the Suzuki method and the Orff Approach to
consolidate and refine her music teaching skills.

Crystal had years of experiences in choral ensemble music, group music lessons and music improvisational skills at multiple music educational institutions. With the background of music therapy, she ensures that students are engaged in a meaningful and effective way of music learning. Her students are guided to discover music as a creative form of self-expression.

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