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Piano and Violin Background
Studio 1 overview

Our Vision

Dolce School of Music believes that interactive and enjoyable music lessons allow students to progress and learn faster which stimulates their brains in preparation for greater efficiency in future learning of all disciplines.


In order to achieve our vision, we will:

  • Cultivate and encourage popularised music education

  • Nourish music talents to foster the development of music industry in Australia

  • Provide diverse learning opportunity through a variety of quality and innovative activities and programs

  • Provide professional music teachers to excel in the quality of music education;

  • Enrich students’ learning experiences by various performing opportunities

  • Promote the importance of intellectual property

Our Mission

In Dolce School of Music, in order to advance musical skills and knowledge in our next generation, we strive to achieve international prestige and recognition by encouraging our students to achieve the highest results through professional and comprehensive training in music.

Violin Lessons
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