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Dolce School of Music is a reputable music school which has had excellent results in exams, competitions and concerts in the past years. We appreciate all our students and parents for their kind supports throughout the years. Their feedback surely acknowledge our success in our music teaching. You may also check out our Google Reviews by clicking the link. We are much appreciated for our student who shared about their wonderful music journey at Dolce.

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Teacher is very patience and understanding. Thank you!


We are very happy with the concert. Thank you very much!

Adriena Gomez

Excellent arrangements. Thank you for all your efforts. It definitely provides more confidence to the kids.


Lovely teacher, great knowledge, good overall.

Jessica's Parents

Very happy with the overall progress of Sally.

Sally's Parents

Teacher is a great and very patient and I have seen Alex progress immensley. Teacher is very dedicated and what he does.

Alex's Parents

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