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Piano and Violin Background
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Hilda Alirezaei

Piano Tutor

Bachelor of Music, Macquarie University, Australia (currently undertaking)

Hilda is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music at Macquarie University, majoring in piano. Her prior education at the University of Tehran included classical music solfeggio and harmony courses. Among her instructors, Kaveh Yaghmaei and his spouse stand out, with whom Hilda studied advanced music theory and composition.

Hilda began her musical journey by learning both piano and percussion instruments. Her talent in piano became evident at the age of ten when she performed in a prestigious concert hall in front of a large audience, which included the Minister of the City's Department of Arts.

She participated in various piano solo competitions and earned second and third places at the regional and provincial levels. At the age of fourteen, Hilda was featured in a string quartet, where she performed multiple classical pieces in the city's main hall. From ages fourteen to seventeen, she formed a pop-rock group with other musicians and performed in numerous live sessions.

Hilda began teaching piano at the age of seventeen, incorporating music composition and songwriting into her lessons. She believes these elements promote creativity and help establish well-rounded musical skill sets in her students.

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