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Winnie Ng
Piano Tutor
Piano completion of Grade Exams, ABRSM, London

Winnie’s teaching philosophy is to develop students with a strong foundation of musical principles from the early stage of music studies. With her students’ age ranging from as little as three and a half years old, Winnie is able to capture the student’s attention via several music activities. Besides preparing students for examinations, Winnie motivates her students in exploring many music genres such as contemporary/ pop music with several of her students are Eisteddfod prizewinners.


Winnie commenced her piano studies at a young age and performed regularly in music concerts. Winnie has extensive solo and ensemble performance such events as weddings, Christmas programs and church choir. Recently she performed as the piano accompanist at the Hills Performing Arts Festival.


Winnie studied piano under Scott Lam and Dr. Jonathan Ong from the University of New South Wales. This developed Winnie a throughout understanding and proficiency in piano studies.